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Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade


Breathing naturally like a baby.

During the exercises one should "belly breath". This is best learned at times other than when doing your Qigong exercise. I apply this when I am Chi Run, when playing Tai Chi Chuan and when doing Qigong; however I practiced, and make a point of practicing breathing at other times, when I can primarily focus on breathing and nothing else. I will not comment on the mechanics of breathing during the exercises, other than to say, inhale or exhale. My assumption will be that you understand how to breathe properly. If you are not able to "Belly Breath" then breathe naturally during your Qigong practice and learn to breathe properly as a separate discipline.

When we breathe in we should allow the breath to go deep into the bottom of the longs and to facilitate this we should allow our belly to expand. When we exhale we should contract our abs and push the air out from the bottom of our lungs and really focus on getting the air out. In both cases we should breath through the nose. The venture effect of the nasal passages helps to speed the air up as it passes through the smaller passages of the nose. There is also a mechanism within the nasal passages that helps to balance the blood gases within the lungs and blood. (I have included a blog I wrote on breathing for Chi Running and Tai Chi at the end of this document.)

In the basic stance we want to open the space under our armpits and under our groin.

Each of these 8 exercise can be done as an independent Qigong, in fact, the were initially presented to me as separate warm-up exercise for the Standing like a tree Qigong, and were done one each on different days. Most often they are practiced as a set of exercise and all 8 are done in one session.

It may also be worth noting that the horse stance if done deeply can be very demanding. Beginners may choose to do it less deep or may choose to do less repeats of any of the postures that require a horse stance.

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade - Breathing Like a Baby

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade