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Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade


Bend the Bow Shoot the Hawk

This second exercise will be done with a wider stance. This will work on the kidneys, arms and waist.

Step out with your right leg into a horse stance. This has your feet about two shoulder widths apart. If your legs are not strong you can start with a narrower stance. You want your legs well rooted so that you have a good center to pull the bow.

Relax your hands and lift them to the chest area as you inhale. They will be crossed at chest to throat level. Exhale with the hands crossed in front of one another with the left hand out. Inhale as you slowly extend your left hand out in front of you and then around to the left so that it extends fully left at shoulder level. As you do this form a right angle with your index finger and your thumb and your other fingers will be curled into the palm. Bend the left wrist so the index finger and hand point up. At the same time you will bend the right elbow and pull the right fist back towards the right shoulder as if pulling the string of a strong bow. You should feel the strength required to pull a large strong bow. You will also turn your head to the left and look off as if at a distant target over the left hand. Exhale as you let your arms lower down to you hips and stand up a little. Then repeat the process this time with the right hand on the outside and holding the bow to the right and pulling with your left hand gazing at a target to the right.

Drop the hands as you stand up a little. Do 12 of these (the bow to the left and the bow to the right counts as one.)

When you have done 12 (or fewer if you need to build up to 12) step the right foot back into a normal shoulder width stance.

This exercise will strengthen the Kidneys and the waist area. You must squat down to root yourself and strengthen your center to pull the bow. Keep your back straight and you bum tucked under in as you squat. Your rear elbow must be bent and your shoulders firm as if pulling a strong bow. Focus your mind so you feel like you are pulling a strong bow. This focus of the mind will be the source of Qi movement.

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade - Bend the Bow Shoot the Hawk

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade