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Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade


Separate Heaven and Earth

This will work the spleen and stomach. For this exercise your will again stand with your feet at shoulder width and your hands by your side with the palms facing in towards the thighs. Breathe in as you raise both hands up to your stomach with the palms facing up. Exhale. Inhale as you raise your left hand above your head and push upward at the same time as you lower your right hand down to your side and press downward. Typically the raised hand will have the fingers turned in point over the head to the opposite side. The hand that is down will also be bent at the wrist with the fingers pointing to the forearm.

Exhale as you bring your hand back to your chest and reverse your palms and inhale as you raise your right hand and lower your left hand.

You should feel as if both hands are pushing against resistance, however, you should not tense up the muscles. Do twelve repeats.

This exercise works the stomach. When you repeatedly raise one hand and lower the other you loosen the muscles of your stomach. When you stiffen your palms think of fully stretching your arms all the way, do not put tension into your muscles. When you raise the hand you can stretch the leg on the same side. This continuous rocking of the arms one up and one down increase Qi movement in your stomach, spleen and liver.

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade - Separate Heaven and Earth

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade