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Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade


Punch and Gaze with Angry Eyes

This exercise will be done with a horse stance. Start with your hands at your side and feet shoulder width apart. Step out on the right foot to double shoulder width. Some forms punch to the front, some forms punch to the side and some forms do a combination. After stepping out to double shoulder width, bring your hands up to the waist in a loose fist, thumbs on the out side and fingers or palms up. Tighten up your fist as you swing your right arm up right side delivering a twisting punch. Turn the head to the right and gaze angrily at an opponent on the right. The left fist tightens as you punch and stays at your left side. Exhale as you strike. After the strike you will loosen the extend hand and bring it back to the waist and return your head to center. Then repeat the process on the left side.

As noted some forms to the punch straight ahead. In this case you will raise the right arm into a twisting punch at an imagined opponent in front of you. You will gaze directly ahead and exhale. You will then bring the right arm back to the right hip turning the fist back to the original position. Then your will repeat the process on the left side.

If you chose to do both a side punch and a front punch the sequence will typically be side right, side Left, middle right, middle left. Then repeat.

Repeat the process so you do a total of sixteen punches. If you are doing either front or side punches then you would do eight repeats, if you are doing both bunches (four make up a group) you would do four sets.

Some forms focus the breathing on the end of the movement rather than throughout the movement. Typically they propose exhaling while the fist is out, and inhaling while the fist is in. The focus of this exercise is to imagine punching someone very hard this will focus your Qi out to the ends of your arms and legs to deliver a strong punch. In the previous exercise you have been concentrating your Qi, in this exercise you are clearing the stagnant Qi and bring energy out to the skin.

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade - Punch and Gaze with Angry Eyes

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade