Popie Runs - Chi Running

Michael McCaffrey

Phone: 613 897 0647

Email: michael@popieruns.com

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Within a Chi Running and Walking course I will cover the following topics:

3) Body Lean

How to allow gravity to give you an assist in moving down the road, and how to increase your efficiency in getting from point A to point B.

4) Lifting Your Feet.

In Chi Running we teach you specific about how to use your feet and legs to maximize results while minimizing over stressing your legs.

We will also cover other topics depending on the make of the group, or the experience of the individual(s). In some case we may be looking at preparation for a specific running event, or looking at how to transition from a current running practice into a Chi Running Practice.

I am also a Tai Chi Chuan Player and a Qigong practitioner and therefore bring in information from these two practices and how I have found them useful additions to my running practice.

Chi Running and Chi Walking