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Standing Like a Tree


Standing Like A Tree - Second position Holding the Ball

The second position involves lifting your arms up and out to a position as if they were holding a large stability ball or large balloon. You should breath in as you allow your arms to rise genteelly. They describe and arc which is both outward and upward until your hands are at about shoulder level in front of your chest. The space between your hands is about 1 to 3 fists. Your palms face in, your thumbs face up, and your fingers can be pointing directly towards each other or slightly upwards, in either case the wrists are relaxed but aligned. The elbows will be slightly lower than the hands and shoulders. Your arms should also open a space under your arm pits about the size of a fist

As the arms rise allow your knees to bend a little and sink your weight down into your feet. Keep your upper body aligned as you sink the weight. (Do not bend forward nor backward as you sink. If you had a string hanging from the ceiling pointing at the support point at the top of your head, it should remain point at the same point as you sink your weight. Some people find it useful to imagine they are holding a large stability ball (Some people actually use a large stability ball to establish the posture initially). You should open up the pace under your crotch as if you where holding a small balloon between your thighs.

Your spin should be aligned and lengthened with your bum tucked in slightly and your chin tucked in. Your pelvis should be level. Your third eye (the point of the triangle formed by your eyes and a spot centered on an equilateral triangle on your forehead) should be over your Dan Tien and your feet should be balanced over the bubbling spring points in your feet (just behind the balls of your feet and along the midline side to side on your foot).

Standing Like A Tree - Second position Holding the Ball

Stand Like A Tree