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Standing Like a Tree


Standing Like A Tree - Third position Holding the Belly

The third position involve allowing the arms to move down from the Second position so that they retrace the arc involved in moving from the first position to the second position. The hands drop to where the thumbs are at about the belt line. The fingers will point towards the opposite knee. The rest of the posture remains unchanged. You can imagine you are holding a large ball with your arms circling the lower portion of it, or that you have a large Buddha bell and you are embracing this. Your fingers should remain genteelly separated.

There are two other positions that include double weighted stances, however, it is best to begin with the first three positions and slowly build up your endurance and ability to remain focused through these positions before adding in the fourth and fifth positions. Therefore I will only present these for now. I will include the fourth and fifth positions in a later blog. There is also a sixth position that involves single legged stances, and there are variations on this similar to each of the double weighted positions. These will also be discussed at an appropriate time. For now I will provide a few details on moving through the first three positions.

It is worth trying each position separately and just practicing getting into the positions before beginning to practice the exercise as sequence.

Standing Like A Tree - Third position Holding the Belly

Stand Like A Tree