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Standing Like a Tree


Standing Like A Tree - Beginning the complete exercise.

Start by getting to a quiet place where you can minimize interruptions. Take a few minutes to loosen up, relax and just breathe. Allow yourself to do a body scan, do not try to correct anything just to be aware. It is most efficient to do this systematically from top to bottom or bottom to top. I typically proceed from the top of my head and work down the back of the head, the face, then neck, the shoulders then down my left arm out to my hand, followed by my right arm from shoulder down to my right hand, then my upper back and chest, lower back and abs my hips, buttocks and groin, and then down each leg to the feet.

Next get into the first position and just stand as relaxed as you can. Breath in doing belly breathing. Do not try to breath especially deeply, just make a point of doing belly breathing. Once you are comfortable with breathing you can just focus on the exhale your body will automatically inhale and focusing only on expelling the air will tend to be less stressful than focusing on both.

Remain in the first position for 10 to 30 seconds and then focus your mind on moving into the second position. After you have a formed a clear intention allow your arms to float up to the second position. Do a quick body scan to check for unnecessary tension, and than just stand in the second position as still as you can. Your eyes do not focus on any one thing typically you allow yourself to use peripheral vision and defocus from your normal vision. You want to learn to be still, physically, mentally, emotionally. You can focus your mind on your breathing or you may opt for visualizing the movement of energy throw your body. At the beginning stage I recommend focusing on your breathing. I will present some possible visualization in a later blog, as it is my belief that it is first better to learn to be still and to allow things to unfold rather than starting to try to direct them as you begin.

We suggest that you hold the second position for a period which is 2/3s of the allotted time. So if you were to start the Qigong for three minutes you would do the second position for 2 minutes and then allow your hands to drop down into the third position and hold it for 1 minute thus doing a total of 3 minutes of standing still. I do not count the preparation in position one as part of the time practicing, nor do I count the closing described below.

I have a blog which might help you if belly breathing is not part of your current practice.


Standing Like A Tree - Beginning the complete exercise.

Stand Like A Tree