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Standing Like a Tree


Standing Like A Tree - Forth position Push the ball

This position can be added after you have practiced the first three positions for a while and build up some strength in your legs. When this is added it will be inserted after the second position and before the third position.

From the second position you will lower your hands as you exhale. Allow them to sink to your waist and then turn a circle so that the fingers turn in and almost touch, and then point a towards the body as they rotate out and begin to rise as they turn over and so the palms out and the thumbs are down. The hands will be about forehead level. You can imagine that you are pushing a large ball away and up. Keep the area under your armpits open, your elbows circular and relaxed and your shoulders relaxed. You may sink down a little deep in the legs as you do this position. (Do be careful not to put undue pressure on your knees).

Hold this positions for half as long as the third positions when you begin. You can gradually increase this position to the same duration as the third position.

Standing Like A Tree - Forth position Push the ball

Stand Like A Tree