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Standing Like a Tree


Standing Like A Tree - Fifth position – Hands in the stream

This position will be added after the forth position and before the third positions when it is added. Allow the hands to sink down the centre line and then out to the sides so that the hands are at hip level with the wrists bend out hands and fingers parallel to the ground, as you exhale. You can imagine that you are standing waist deep in a flowing stream, facing up stream and that you are holding your hands just in the water and holding them against the backward push of the water.

Hold this positions for half as long as the third positions when you begin. You can gradually increase this position to the same duration as the third position.

Additional elements that you can consider:

Once you have practiced this Qigong for a time, you may begin to be aware of changes. You may begin to perceive the ebb and flow of energy. In Chinese Tradition it is said, “Yi (mind) leads Chi (energy).”

To begin you will just focus on your breathing. You will want to develop a natural ability to breath into the belly, allowing your belly to expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. This is the focus to begin working with. It is not that you are going to force your breathing, but rather, you are going to be aware of your breathing and allow your movement and breathe to find a synchronicity.

The idea is that you can lead the flow of energy by focusing your mind. This is a bit difficult to explain, and is really best explored by playing with it. The best advice I can give you is to imagine the movement of energy, or the movement of your breath.

For instance, you might imagine that when you breath in you pull your breath in through your Dan Tien and that it travels down and under your groin and then up your spine and neck to the top of your head and finally to your upper Dan Tien (third eye) as you inhale, and then down from there through the soft pallet and tongue then down the front of your body back to your Dan Tien. This completes a circle from your lower Dan Tien around the body up to the head and back to the Dan Tien. There are many ways you might play with this idea of leading energy. I may write some other ways that I have explored this at some point down the road.

Standing Like A Tree - Fifth position – Hands in the stream

Stand Like A Tree